Specialized Veterinary Procedures For All Domesticated Cats

The good news for all cat lovers and owners is that not only is there a clinic close to them, it’s a specialized clinic that takes care of cats only. This short note cannot do justice to all the specialized treatments that are now being meted out by specialist veterinary surgeons and their assistants. But it can attempt to give the best overview possible, however brief it is going to be. Radiology and the delivery of prescribed medication only for cats are included.

Along with radiology, electrocardiography services are also being conducted within specially prepared surgical or operating rooms. A surprising feature perhaps is the inclusion of necessary dentistry treatments for felines. Specially prepared laboratories are readily available to conduct a range of clinical tests that may not have been managed as well at standard vet clinics. Along with prescriptive medicine is the availability of a pharmacy ready to supply cats and their owners with necessary at-home treatments.

cat surgery

The specialist cat surgery is also handling an important service known as micro-chipping. Apart from locating lost pets, the micro-chips are also able to identify critical medical conditions that have already been diagnosed at specialist clinics. Flea control programs in place are not a matter of simply slapping a flea collar around the cat’s neck. The cat’s immediate internal and external environments will be monitored very closely indeed.

Where internal medical consultations declare that specialist treatments need to be handled elsewhere, the relevant diagnostic data for accurate ultrasounds and endoscopic procedures will be accordingly compiled. But even so, ultrasounds can be performed through the use of VDIC if the pet owner desires it. Only the tip of the iceberg has been covered so far. Go online for more extensive information on how specialist clinics are now able to treat your cat.