Automatic Gates Help Secure Properties Better And Improve Businesses’ Bottom Line

The bottom line refers to the amount of money each and every small to medium, and large scale business enterprise must make every month or quarter to stay viable. Where fencing and gating is a prerequisite, optimum security is on most property owners’ – commercial or domestic – minds these days. In the residential space – usually those properties housed in so-called upmarket areas and built on large tracts of land – automatic fencing will be widely used.

Upon entering or leaving the property, the property owner or his visitors is quite a distance from the main entrance and is therefore not able to always monitor the comings and goings of residential traffic from, say, the kitchen or the living room. Unless, of course, he has security cameras installed at the main gates. This now, is usually the case on these high end properties. Securing large tracts of land has always been quite challenging for agriculturalists or farmers.

The acreage is vast and self-policing has to be conducted by vehicle, rather than on foot. Across the land, further fencing is installed to pen in livestock, with cattle being the main stock being kept on such lands. Gates are installed at every vantage point to control the entry and exit of livestock. But even better is the use of automatic cattle gates which can be controlled by remote without the ranger or property controller ever having to leave his truck.

automatic cattle gates

This is good for nighttime patrols. All property is safe as houses. The cattle cannot get away easily. Property owners and their staff are safe too. And to this day, cattle theft is still rife, but with automated and remote controlled features installed, it becomes quite difficult for cattle thieves to come and go as they please.